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Hear "Jaojoby" the first track from Labelle’s new EP "Post-maloya" out on May 18th! Labelle will play tomorrow at Les Electropicales festival on Reunion Island, and in Paris on May 24th at le Hasard Ludique with Arte Radio.

Last September InFiné’s latest signature, Labelle, released his critically-acclaimed second album “univers-île.” From his Saint Denis apartment, and with the help of his machines, he has laid the foundations of an electronic maloya, modern and deeply rooted in its home territory: La Réunion.

Labelle is now back with a new EP entitled "Post-maloya." This new release is characterized by vivid dream-like journey through which traces a path of exploration. Here you will find the maloya stamp, which is Reunionese traditional music, both in the rhythms and the instruments used, like the valiha. This traditional tubular harp from Madagascar is played by Vola on the track "Jaojoby". Vola was taught by Rajery himself, who is widely considered as master of this instrument. This track is an homage to Jaojoby, king of Salegy, a popular musician in Madagascar.

The hypnotic sounds evoke distant dimensions and resonate like shamanic incantations whose aim is to gently lead us towards the trance. As the title suggests - "Post-maloya" is the exploration of new musical processes mixed with the use of traditional maloya instrumentation. This is an appropriate name for this new opus, which is more electronic and percussive; carving an experimental path between electronic and traditional music.

In parallel with the creation this EP, the Regional Conservatory of Réunion Island has given free reign to Labelle to create a series of live performances which he played all around the island last month, including an original creation linked to his expression of "Post-maloya" supported by an ensemble of eleven musicians from Réunion Island’s regional orchestra.

Pre-order Post-maloya EP (digital/vinyl) on BandCamp :



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