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InFiné is proud to introduce you to a newcomer on the electronic music scene: Labelle. Syncretic, profound and spiritual, Labelle's creative universe is inspired by his mixed roots from the Ocean (Reunion) and from the underground techno movement from Detroit. Scouted by Jean Louis Brossard for Trans Musicales festival in 2010, Labelle merges in his live performances traditional Maloyan music effects. Gradually he starts sharing the stages with Murcof, Robert Henke in Europe. Founder of "Eumolpe" (artists collective), lecturer / searcher in Musicology, Labelle has created and performed music in many different forms (deejaying, video games, films, exhibitions...). He released his first EP "Thraces" together with four other artists in october 2012. His first album will be out next 14th of October on Eumolpe Records.

Equally rich and edgy, Labelle's production is "hybrid" par excellence. InFiné shed light on new inspired musical crossbreeding with this 18th podcast signed by Labelle.

This podcast is a live recording extracted at Constellation in Reunion. Open your hears!

If you want to to see him live, he will perform at MaMA in Paris the 16th of October, at Le Sucre in Lyon the 19th of October and at Les Trans Musicales in Rennes the 6th of December.

Stay tuned, it's gonna be something different of what you expect of electronic music.

Feel free to visit his Soundcloud account (



01. Labelle - Cosmic Dancer

02. Labelle - Mah Damba

03. Labelle - Magnoumako

04. Horacio Vaggione - Ash

05. Györg Kurtag - Spiel mit Obertonen

06. Labelle - Selunding

07. Labelle - Lo san

08. Labelle - Temps du rêve

09. Labelle - Alap

Here is the Official link (permanent):


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