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Secret of Elements

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Guest of our latest radioshow on Rinse France, InFiné is happy to announce the release of the debut mini album of Secret of Elements entitled Monumentum. Johann Pätzold took part to our first #Explorer compilation. Last year, he was commissioned by Alexandre Cazac (InFiné A&R) to edit and rearrange some elements from the 2009 original Versus recordings studio session in Paris. He contributes to the album project´s finalization and is credited on the pre-production of Carl Craig´s Versus LP. Secret of Elements makes an alluring debut for InFiné with a mini-album tainted with sweet and enlightened melancholia.

Watch the video clip in exclusivitiy for the title track 'Monumentum'

Videoshoots: Phillipp Bauer (Videowerft -
Cut: Johann Pätzold
Dancers of the Dancecompagnie Rostock (Volkstheater Rostock -
Teresa Lucia Forstreuter
Linda Kuhn
Tim Grambow
Larissa Potapov

Preoder the mini-album here

Monumentum is an equivocal release, the five tracks inhabited with the same generous impetus and emotional outpouring as his previous track ‘The Effect of Butterfly Destiny’, but this time with darkness at its core. With these new cutting and astute perspectives in mind, we decided to open the first musical chapter together. His commitment as an activist towards the refugees and the crisis faced by Europe over the past few years, both in his hometown Rostock and throughout his travels along the Mediterranean coasts, has definitely been a great influence on his work, as well as his artistic practice and personal beliefs. Monumentum could be held as a materialisation of this commitment. It emphasises the discernment rather than the certainties, and teaches us to appreciate navigating through choppy water, halfway between apocalyptic ascension and surrealist levitation.

Monumentum is composed of 5 tracks and is set to be released March 31st, 2017.

Secret of Elements will play live at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris - March 17th for InFiné 10th Year Annivesary together with Apparat, Clara Moto, Arandel, Cubenx, Fraction, Gordon. 


1. Monumentum
2. Satan’s Solution
3. Civility Decrease
4. Odyssee 2015 (Part 2 of 1)
5. Ascension

Release date : March 31st

Photo by Dimitris Borros Alias Azenoire



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