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podcast 016 - almeeva

podcast 016 - almeeva

Posted 23 May 13

Almeeva //


Almeeva is an emerging producer from Paris. There is something clever in his musical approach, something that send the listener from daily reality directly till space. The guy is already involved in many music projects (Kid North, Radius System, Time To Burn...) and he also works as a videomaker and graphic designer. So, it seems that Gregory Hoepffner is more than a usual producer. He probably never wanted to choose between his drum and his laptop. We already had the pleasure to release his remix for Bachar Mar-Khalifé, "Machins Choses". He reworked Bachar`s cover of Serge Gainsbourg like he was walking on the moon. 



He rocks the house once again with this Podcast for InFiné´s website. The result is resourceful, singular and  fully demonstrates his taste for a progressive exploration in electronic landscapes. Let drown you in these 45 minutes of massive beats and stellar beats.


What's the difference between Almeeva and your other projects ?

I'm the only one that has to be pleased ! No compromises, no limitations, just a endless quest for the perfect groove.


How did you think your remix of "Machins Choses"?

I'm really proud of it. I feel lucky, as it is my favorite track on "Who's Gonna Get The Ball...". It captures what I want to do with Almeeva now : a blend of minimal electro, melancholy, and "pop" songwritting and structure in a sense. It made me want to produce "vocal driven" tracks again, which is something I haven't done since quite some time.


What do you expect from your music?

A night trance that leads to unknown places. I like to call it "walk music" : the dance is just your footsteps synchronised on the track's beat, making you get faster to your destination.








Geneve (festival Présences Electroniques) 22 Nov 14

Z aka Szajner

@ Evolution (showcase) with Almeeva

Paris 28 Nov 14

Clara Moto

@ DJ set au Divan du Monde

Rennes 05 Dec 14


@ Festival Transmusicales

Paris 26 Jan 15

Bachar Mar-Khalifé

@ Le paradis de Helki at Bouffes du Nord (Festival Beyond My Piano)

Tourcoing 29 Jan 15


@ Le Grand Mix

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