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Bachar Mar-Khalifé

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Directed by Danielle Arbid, 'Balcoon' is not a narrative video but a ballad in the streets of Beyrouth. It’s a declaration of love to the city, to its lumpenproletariat, to its urban areas whose hearts are beating day after day and to its ragazzis who are making it up as they go along.

This videoclip was filmed from the perspective of Bachar Mar-Khalifé, who draws his musical inspiration from that urban poetry. The director admires the social and political revolt and emergency of those speed-loving boys and girls of the night.



Most of the scene have been filmed far from the flashy backdrops of Beyrouth – straightforwardly shown of since the end of the war. The story rather takes place in the Corniche, in a cheap karaoke, in a clandestine meeting place, in the barbershop of a popular district… Those corners where idleness and unemployment are a way of life.

This video is their second collaboration this year as Bachar composed the original score of Danielle, latest feature film Peur de Rien / Parisienne in English (released in 2016). It won the Académie Lumière foreign press prize.The film had rave reviews from the French press and has its world première at the Toronto Film Festival.



About Danielle Arbid

A native of Beyrouth, Danielle Arbid first arrived in France in 1987. From her beginning as a director in 1997, she has received many prestigious awards in film festivals for her fiction and documentary films. Her first two feature films Dans les champs de bataille et Un homme perdu were selected in about thirty festivals around the globe, rewarded with numerous prizes.

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bonjour bonsoir كِيف الحال

chou رأيِك آخدِك مِشوار

في عِندي ticketان عَل moon

شُو رَأيِك هَيدَا شي مِش cool ?


Uff يا خَيِّي إِنتَ شُو  old school 

أَحْلَى شي قَبْل الْbouche عَل bouche

ناخود shotيت Vodka عَل bar

ونِنْهِي السَّهرة عَل balcoon


آه يَا حَبِيبِ الرُّوح

أَنَا نَفْسِي ترُوح

مِن قَلْبِي ومِن بَالِي


آه يَا حَبِيب الرُّوح

حِلّ لِي الْموضوع

لَقلبي ولَبَالي


فِي عِنْدُو ticketان عَل moon

وهُوِّ مفكَّر حَالُو cool

صَرْلُو شَهْرَين يقِلِّي please

يَا زَلَمِي شُو غليظ


في عِنْدِي ticketان عَل moon

مَعْقُول هِيِّ تقِلِّي old school

sorry خُلْصُو tickets لَلْ balcoon

بَس أَكِيد مِش ضُدّ ال bathroom



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