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_Out now : 12 tracks selected by Jean Michel Jarre

infiné by jmj

infiné by jmj

Posted 14 Jan 13

Murcof //

In May 2102, Arandel kicked off the festivities at the Nuits Sonores Festival with a performance of “Oxygène”, Jean Michel Jarre’s emblematic album. This first artistic conversation with the “Godfather” could only take place through the medium of a city, Lyon. The dialogue continues to this day, in an entirely different form: a journey through our catalogue. InFiné by JMJ is out now : 12 tracks from the InFiné catalogue, as selected by Jean Michel Jarre. 


“InFiné is in that league of labels displaying the kind of audacity only to be found in true artists. Like the musicians it represents, it has kept on demonstrating how important it is to have a common vision, a common ambition in order to initiate and finalise groundbreaking projects. When I first listened to InFiné’s productions, I sensed a connection and a common approach to art. This desire to venture freely into new territories is what has been driving me since the start of my career and I can see how much Oxygène InFiné provides for its artists.” Jean Michel Jarre


Rennes 03 Dec 15


@ Live / Bars en Trans

Brest 11 Dec 15

Bachar Mar-Khalifé

@ Festival No Border (France)

France 17 Dec 15


@ Dj Set / Carte Blanche InFiné, La Gaîté Lyrique

Gent 17 Dec 15

Bachar Mar-Khalifé

@ De Centrale (Belgium)

Noisiel 18 Dec 15

Bachar Mar-Khalifé

@ La Ferme du Buisson (France)

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