Eduardo de la Calle is one of the most respected deejay from Spain and a key player of the global Techno scene. Since the creation of Analog Solutions in 2011, he is one the last true Champion of the vinyl culture. Together with its sub-label, Suprawax and edit, Analog solutions has released numerous underground Techno gems and proves that the digital format was not necessary to be successful in the EP business. 

In 2011, InFiné and Eduardo de la Calle joined force for the first time, when Agoria asked him to remix "Panta Rei" (check the Analog Solutions remix only released on Panta Rei EP version). At that point Eduardo has already started to work on his new project ...  a video documentary about the global electronic culture. 

On Top of Agoria, Eduardo interviewed more than 160 others A-list international deejays of the likes of Derrick May, Carl Craig as well Laurent Garnier or Ben Klock (to name just a few) over the last two years. Everywhere he played Eduardo brought his camera (and his team) and talk to the people he was playing with. But from time to time, he appreciated this little bit of help from outside to make some interviews easier to organize.

To thank Alexandre Cazac for that kind of help, Eduardo offered us today a mix of tracks exclusively taken from InFiné vinyl catalogue. Eduardo has a way to mix Arandel, Franceso Tristano and Agoria, nobody can equal and InFiné never sounded so ... analog. A perfect pick for your 2013's new year eve celebration! 

Entitled BEATZS - Divergences & Contradictions Of Electronic Music, Eduardo's documentary is the most promising documentary about electronic music compiling and editing hundreds of hours of Interviews. If the documentary is technically finished, Eduardo and the analog solutions need your help to cover the remaining production cost. More information here 


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