podcast 013 - don nino

podcast 013 - don nino

Posted 11 Dec 12

Don Nino //


Nicolas Laureau aka Don Nino is not only the brilliant freak folker of “In The Backyard of your Mind” released earlier this year but also a gifted noise experimentater. Together with F.Or and Mitch Pires, he has been releasing some of the most innovative experimental rock under the NLF3 moniker. NLF3 ranked alongside bands of the like of Battles or Animal Collective, which make the genre distinction between rock and electronic tremble. 

On the occasion of the release of remixes Beats as 12" next week (including Chloe, and Cubenx Turzi) and his concert at Point Ephemere tomorrow (Ticket here), Don Nino gave us a one-hour subjective and timeless selection of what indie-rock and electronic have best to offer (as well as some personal remixes).




Tracklisting : 

SCOTT WALKER "A Lover Loves" (personal remix)

TYONDAI BRAXTON "Platium Row" (extract)

LAURIE SPEIGEL "Appalachian Grove I"

BRIAN ENO "Unfamiliar Winds"

SILVER APPLES "Oscillations"

BROADCAST "Pendulum"

CARIBOU "Melody Day"

EGYPTOLOGY "Orbis Part 5"

RUBIN STEINER "Discipline in Anarchy"

BOARDS PF CANADA "Left Side Drive"

AMBITIOUS LOVERS "It Only Has To Happen Once" (personal remix)

ALVIN CURRAN "Canti Illuminati"

CANT "Rises Silent"

LIARS "His And Mine Sensations"

MATMOS "Roses And Teeth For Ludwig Wittenstein"

PETULA CLARK "Cut Copy" (personal remix)  

Photo by P.Lebruman

Out on 17th December “Don Nino” – Beats remixed by (12” version)




Hérouville Saint Clair 01 Jul 16


@ Festival Beauregard

Verdun 02 Jul 16

Bachar Mar-Khalifé

@ Festival Musiques et Terrasses

Liège 08 Jul 16


@ Les Ardentes

Neuve-Eglise 09 Jul 16


@ Festival Décibulles

Tours (Monts) 10 Jul 16


@ Terres du Son

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