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All over the years, InFiné has devoted itself to bring young talents to the forefront. To make sure they get all the attention they deverved, we have sometimes been stealing the shine of more wellknown artists, who in exchange trusted us to use their works at best. All in all, we have collected over 60 remixes within our five years of existence.

Following "Introducing InFiné" released last summer, we are putting out a new summer digital compilation this week... "Remixing InFiné" compiling a non exhaustive list of some of the finest remixes released on InFiné. Some classics, some under the radar tracks, some ready-to-trigger dancefloor weapons or some introspective dreamy escapes. A carefully crafted selection mirroring all the musical sides of InFiné.

>>Including tracks by Agoria, Apparat, Francesco Tristano, Danton Eeprom, Aufgang, Rone, Clara Moto & Arandel ...

>>Remixed by Modeselektor, Clark, Etienne Jaumet, John Talabot, Stacey Pullen, Bruno Pronsato, Balil, Clara Moto & Tyler Pope, Fraction & Ritornell


01- Agoria_Heart Beating (Fraction radio edit rmx)
02- Aufgang_Channel 7 (John Talabot rmx)
03_Danton Eeprom_Thanks for Nothing (Etienne Jaumet rmx)
04_Aufgang_Dulceria (Clark rmx)
05_Clara Moto_Deer & Fox (Stacey Pullen rmx)
06_Francesco Tristano_The Melody (Balil rmx)
07_Rone_Belleville (Clara Moto & Tyler Pop rmx)
08_Arandel_In D#3 (Bruno Pronsato vocal rmx)
09_Apparat_Holdon (Modeselektor rmx)
10_Clara Moto_Deer & Fox (Ritornell rmx)

Out this week on I-Tunes


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