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Not so surprisingly InFiné is the first label to curate a whole week of music and installations in the freshly opened nerve center of digital art in Paris. Artistic freedom, aesthetic research, risk-takings, diversity and pluridisciplinary are the values shared by the label during one residency week at the “Gaîté Lyrique”.

 “La Gaîté Lyrique” is an historical Theatre located in the middle of Paris (in the 3rd district). All along its history, the location ran into some ups and downs, from one of the most popular theatre in France at the end of the XIXe century to a short-lived amusement park in the eighties. Re-opened and renewed this spring, the whole location is now aimed at promoting digital culture in all its shapes and forms and enables 360° video screening and audio multicasting.  

InFiné has been given Carte Blanche for a week of musical achievements and visual experimentation. A fistful of prominent artists also responded favourably to our requests to join forces on this occasion. Among them, Carl Craig celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Planet E, Moritz von Oswald pioneer of Berlin minimal scene, Christophe, pop legend and closed collaborator of Jean-Michel Jarre or Stéphane Couturier, famous international photographer.

So mark up your calendar, next week, you will get a panning definition of what InFiné means, including live premieres of its coming projects, Dj- and live-sets of its confirmed artists, installations and round tables to listen, to watch, to feel an to take part in from 13 to 17th April 2011.

Facebook events

Versus 2.0 (first night)

Versus 2.0 (second night)

Aufgang / fabric 57 release party

InFiné Live

Ambient Sunday

More infos about InFiné Week on La Gaîté Lyrique website


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