This is the first episode of a new repeated topic. Ina Luk, a design store near Paris, will regularly features an innovative and original object that we can find on their shop. The first episode is dedicated to the Matchbox Light by Adonde.

Adonde is a brand radically ecological : they think their products always in  term of recycling and local producing, without forgotten the design of the product and the rightness of the lines and forms. Their creations are minimalist, pure, and timeless.

Their Matchbox light is just right in term of design and colour. On the basis of the design of a simple matchbox, using plain cardboard, they have created a lamp. They have chosen bright and simple colours, which gives to the lamp a hint of “Le Corbusier” style. The lamp can be hang on the wall or place on a table in different position. The matchbox design gives us a low-tech solution to change the loudness of the light: by opening more or less the box.

You can find the Matchbox Light at the Ina Luk store (more infos on their website).


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