We have our internal booking agency. For Rone, Clara Moto, Fraction, Donso, Cubenx, Arandel, or InFiné showcases you can address your requests to

For other artists, we will also redirect your requests to the right contacts.

Since November 2008, we also have our own publishing company to take of our artist's rights and to multiply broadcasting and exploitation of their tracks in advertisements, movies, television's shows, websites, video games, compilations...

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Posted 28 Aug 15

For the last nine years, we have been exploring uncharted territories, bringing artists from various musical backgrounds together to go on new adventures. Artist development is an art that has become risky in todays climate, the certainty of success is comparable to the likelihood of an ice cube remaining frozen under a blazing sun.

To satisfy our ferocious appetite for brand new exciting sounds, we decided to bring eleven young producers together on an InFiné compilation released today.