We have our internal booking agency. For Rone, Clara Moto, Fraction, Donso, Cubenx, Arandel, or InFiné showcases you can address your requests to

For other artists, we will also redirect your requests to the right contacts.

Since November 2008, we also have our own publishing company to take of our artist's rights and to multiply broadcasting and exploitation of their tracks in advertisements, movies, television's shows, websites, video games, compilations...

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New compilation Explorer#3

Posted 23 Jun 16

Explorer goes beyond the frontiers to discover emerging artistic personalities on new territories. From Pakistan to China through Argentina and Turkey, a new generation has integrated several decades of electronic music thanks to internet and is now producing thanks to modern tools. Because it is not only in Occident that new avant-gardes are defined and because some compete equally in terms of quality and technical finesse with prominent figures of the international scene, Explorer offers a third sonic journey in 12 tracks and 9 countries to his listeners.