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Francesco Tristano

14th February 2005, a pianist played some Contemporary Classical and Baroque music in a Paris Venue, and eventually concluded with a hypnotic cover of "Strings of Live". This concert stands for InFiné's Founding Act.

With one foot in the Classical music and the other in Electronic Music networks, Francesco found his balance by executing acrobatic splits between two antagonistic genres, which makes him one the most unique and surprising profiles of the decade. 

As a Classical pianist, he attended some of the best music schools in the world, performed many critically acclaimed interpretations of Frescobaldi, Bach, Ravel or Berio and received awards in many prestigious competitions. Barely over 25, he has already played at some of the world's largest auditoriums, such as New York's Carnegie Hall, Berlin's Philharmonie or Paris' Cité de la Musique.

His adventures in the Electronic music circles started on his arrival at the renowned Juilliard School of New York. While the shadows of prestigious figures of Contemporary and Minimal music were still haunting the school (Steve Reich, Philipp Glass, Berio…), Francesco discovered in the Big Apple a particularly creative Techno scene in full bloom, which drove him to take up the decks and organise his own parties in Clubs with some friends.

Back in Europe, he met Agoria and the InFiné team. He teamed up with him on the production of two tracks from "the Green Armchair", before starting work on his first album with the help of the Mexican mastermind, Fernando Corona aka Murcof. Together, they went on to play a few shows at renowned Electronic Music Festivals across Europe (Sonar, Villette Numérique…).






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