Eric Raynaud a.k.a Fraction belongs to a family of artists, which appreciates music in its integrality. He synthesizes in his tracks the raw strength of Rock (and used to run the French group Mary Lake), a pronounced liking for experimentations spurred on by meetings and collaborations with T.Raumschmiere or the Bostonian collective “Order of the Artists” (whom belong several John Zorn’s followers to) and an unquestionable expertise in the tenets of Electronic music production. Fraction disrupts the axioms of the electronica genre and signed for inFiné a powerful morphing EP! 

Superposition, the eponymous track, factorises concrete textures and acid sonorities, and applies an unstoppable kick. A first exponential sample, which reconciles electronic abstraction and dancefloor efficiency. While Inside the Neighbor’s Cat’s head seems to define the outlines of an inner and inspired post-rock, Requiem for a Unique Illusion restores the elegance of organic harmonies.  

If the second part of the EP sounds more respectful of the traditional fundaments of electronica, every now and then frenetic and forceful on Supermarket of Souls, or introspective and contemplative on Wild, Blue and Dense, it remains loyal to a fertile dichotomy balanced between transgression and allegiance, distinction and extravagance for the listener’s best pleasures.



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