Arandel is not a band, Arandel is not a character. Arandel is a multi-instrumentalist who would like his true identity to remain in the background. Forever putting the music at the forefront and choosing to disguise himself by wearing a mask, Arandel takes a similar stance to French theorist Roland Barthes’ ‘La Mort de l’auteur’ (‘death of the author’) – an argument that calls for the separation of an authors identity to their work. Arandel’s music evokes personal feelings that the listener could never attribute to a person as he remains anonymous. Arandel was brought up on krautrock, electro and New York minimalism. It is the far side of an artist who reveals his desire to explore new ground by delivering music that breaks free from pop formats and standard songwriting. Solarispellis his sophomore effort was released in November 2014. Umbrapellis is a hybrid project including three original sections (4, 5 & 6) produced before the finalizing of Solarispellis as well four interludes based on other sections included in Solarispellis.



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