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Arabstazy is a multidisciplinary artistic platform with bases in Tunis, Paris, and Berlin. It is dedicated to the research of the connection between heritage, identity, culture and digital arts. Founded as a collective by Tunisian electronic musician Mettani, it has since then relentlessly questioned the meaning and relevance of the supposed Arab unity. 

Following the Arab Spring events that brought major changes to the Maghrebi cultural and artistic ecosystem, the collective explores how the Arab World is perceived and perceives itself, and lays the foundations of what could be a new wave of North African and Middle Eastern futurism.

Arabstazy offers a multi-modal experience that alters and deforms the classic club spirit. Urban but tribal, dramatic but minimal, full of contradictions in a fragile balance between maqamat and equal temperament. It is a digital performance that  has a meaning and a story going beyond just an electronic music show. 

"Our vision is to create an autonomous and singular form of mindset, that is aware of its representations. An identity quest immersing its roots into the future, while highlighting and transmuting its traditions. This mindset is to evolve into a new artistic language, that would have been released from the post-colonialist and orientalist exotic perspectives. A process that will eventually focus on the interactions and connections rather than appearence or style"

The first volume of the Under Frustration compilation series focused on artists from Tunisia, Egypt and Berlin, including InFiné artist Deena Abdelwahed (released in May 2018). Under Frustration Vol.2 turns its attention to eclectic producers from Iran, Syria or Tunisia - Saint Abdullah, Dj Haram. Khan El Rouh, Okydoky, Hello Psychaleppo, Rafael Aragon & Stas, Nazal, Adam Jawad, Praed, and Miss Machine - some of whom migrated to the United States or Europe. To be released on September 13th, 2019 on InFiné & Shouka.


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