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La Carriere


This summer, for the second year running, InFiné is taking part in "LA CARRIERE" du Normandoux" festival to instigate new sound experiences and to generate artist collaborations. 

The resident artists have been freed from the usual time constraints and invited to stay for a week at this creative centre. The outcome usually involves a mix of relaxation, surprises, connections, exchanges and creation during these three nights of concerts.

There were some great moments last year including a performance based around a collage of vocals created by a mysterious figure named Arandel. There was also the meeting of the iconic cellist Gaspar Claus alongside lunar productions from Rone and the electronic dancing blues of Fraction and Guillaume Eluerd. The final night bought about the crystallised complexity of the flamenco maestro Pedro Soler and his son Gaspar Claus.

The magical atmosphere remains present in this unique setting after 30 years of disuse, the quarry is extracting new stones from its limestone walls. Arandel’s first album ‘In D’ will see the light of day on the 28th June. Guillaume Eluerd and Fraction are currently slaving away on their first mini album. Pedro Soler and Gaspar Claus have just shown us excerpts of their first album set for release at the beginning of 2011.

The ambitious project will continue with the festival this year breathing fresh summery air into the eclectic international journeys. The generator is winding up to full charge to produce the most original works to date!

La Carriere is located in TERCE. 20 kilometers away from Poitiers.

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InFiné Workshop


Fredo Viola & Scalde // Performance

Arandel // electronic


THURSDAY 19th AUGUST - 21h00

Vanessa Wagner & Sasha Rozhdestvensky // Classical

Murcof // electronic


FRIDAY 20th AUGUST - 21H00

Clara Moto & Mimu // Electronic

Touré Kunda & Dorian Concept // World Music 


First named announced !

Workshop InFiné 2014<

Workshop InFiné 2014

Posted 11 Jul 14



workshop - day 3<

workshop - day 3

Posted 28 Aug 13


Visual art / electronic / Jazz

worskshop - day 2<

worskshop - day 2

Posted 27 Aug 13